Ask sis Dolly:How do I end things

By Drum Digital
20 July 2015

I'm 35 and she's 46.

I have a girlfriend but two years ago I met another woman; She's warm, kind and down-to-earth and makes me happy. Our love is not based on material things; thanks to her, I have learnt to tryst again after being betrayed by my former fiance. Last December I introduced her to my parents. On the other hand, I hooked up with my girlfriend on the rebound from my fiancee, She helped me with accommodation while I was looking for a place to stay. Now I want to leave her because there's no spark between us, and want to be with the woman I love. how do I break-up with my girlfriend without hurting her?

Sis Dolly answers:

You will hurt her either way. Your letter is honest and you're concerned about your girlfriend's emotional well-being and recognise the support she's given you. The other side of the story is that you've been playing her for a while, which isn't admirable. tell your girlfriend and release her from this. She will be hurt and you can't avoid that. You'll have to accept her pain, anger and sense of betrayal. be honest with her soon, because delaying it will just cause more harm.

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