Ask sis Dolly:Masturbation over sex

By Drum Digital
12 August 2015

Do I have a problem?

I'm 36 and married but I love masturbation more than having sex.

Sis Dolly answers:

Anything that you do regularly  can become an obsession, and if you find that you need to do a thing, it becomes a problem. I;m not sure if this is something that you're obsessed with doing and if that is why it is now a problem for you. There's nothing wrong with masturbation but do you know why you prefer it to sex with your partner? Is it that your spouse is not able to satisfy you the way you want them to? Are your needs not being met when having sex? Speak to your partner and discuss the issue. Maybe you'll both start to enjoy sex more if you open the lines of honest communication between the two of you. If you're worried that you're addicted to masturbating, find out more about addictive sexual behaviour  by visiting

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