Assault of 52 year-old woman by students investigated

By Drum Digital
24 November 2014

One of them kicked Adonis and she fell over, after which they all kicked her all over her body.

Five university students allegedly assaulted a 52-year-old woman in Cape Town.

A case was opened against the group after they allegedly assaulted Delia Adonis at a parking lot at Stadium on Main in Claremont, Cape Town last month where she worked as a cleaner.

The Star newspaper reports that Adonis called for help when she saw the men leave a nightclub and assault a man who had come out after them.

She later went outside the mall to smoke where she found the students waiting for her.

"They asked why I helped that guy," Adonis said.

Her son, who was working part-time as a cleaner at the same mall, came to get keys from her and saw the students encircling her and swearing at her.

He tried to intervene and they started swearing at him too.

Police spokesman Frederick van Wyk says the assault is being probed.


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