At home with dj Ganyani

By Drum Digital
28 June 2013

DJ Ganyani shows us his childhood home in Soweto where he now creates his hot house mixes

THE dusty streets of Meadowlands Zone 5 in Soweto can seem like a maze to those who don’t live in the famous township, but locating popular DJ Ganyani is a breeze. “Find the kasi’s main shops then follow the music,” advises everyone we ask for directions.

Because whenever Master G, as his fans call him, sets foot in his house on Ndlovu Street, the decibel levels go through the roof. And the locals don’t seem to mind because they enjoy his current hits, Xigubu and Be There, which are dominating the airwaves.

Around these parts DJ Ganyani is the modern-day Pied Piper of House Music – and young kids really look up to him, something that’s immediately apparent when we visit the family home where his journey into music began.

Ganyani doesn’t like giving interviews because he claims to be shy and reserved but today he’s making an exception.

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