At home with Lufuno Dagada

By Drum Digital
28 July 2014

It didn’t occur to me I would wind up as a musician. In many ways I had a late start

Gospel star Lufuno Dagada is who he is today because of his father renowned clergyman father Isaac.

“In 2003 my dad told me he’d had a vision instructing him to start a band to record live music. We started Worship House, with me as the leader, and the rest as they say is history,” Lufuno (40) lives in north of Tshwane with his attorney wife Thendo (30) and their children Ndofhindula (6), Idani (4) and Rovhavhona (2).

Lufuno has bought some land close to his current house and plans to build a home studio there. “Music comes to you all the time so a home studio is convenient in my line of work,” says the man whose new award-winning album, My Practical God, is flying off the shelves.

LUFUNO met  his wife eight years ago when he was a second-year LLB (law) student at Univen.

“Rumour has it he was eyeing me from a distance,” she says “I was not aware of it at first but eventually got wind of it although I didn’t think he’d date me.

“At the time he was the talk of town because of his activities with Worship House. Plus he came from a well off family while I was just a regular girl from an okay background.”

Lufuno Dagada Lufuno Dagada

Her admirer meant business, a fact he soon confirmed when he approached her on campus and said: “Let me get straight to the point. I love you and see marriage material in you.” They got married eight months later despite the fact that Thendo was a bit tentative about accepting his proposal at first because of his celebrity status.

“ – in 1997 with a local church band, Redeeming Showers of Grace,” says the Limpopo born muso

“In 2001 I recorded Tshifhinga Tsha u Rabela, which was followed by U Do u Linda, both of which were released independently.” His father was getting into the ministry at about the same time and had the vision that would change Lufuno’s life forever.

“Our band became a wing of the church. The members were all from the church, which made it easy for us to rehearse,” he says. “Rhythmically we were quite adventurous, with influences from cats such as Oliver Mtukudzi.

“Our first record, Worship House 2004, was nominated for a SAMA, and another highlight was touring the Congo.”

The band was on its fifth album when Lufuno decided to resuscitate his solo career. “I recorded a project called Walk in the Light in 2008. That was followed by Ro Vha Vhona in 2010.”

“Things snowballed from there. I’ve been slaving away for more than 10 years, its great to have my efforts notice, ” he explains


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