At home with Musa Sukwene

By Drum Digital
20 August 2014

I didn't see the Idols win coming even though I had prayed for it, says Musa Sukwene

Idols winner Musa Sukwene invited DRUM into his home a few months ago to catch up with him.

On his win Musa says “I didn’t see it coming, although I prayed for it.” He owes his success to God, the deeply spiritual singer says. “Everything that happens in my life is because of Him.”

Fame hasn’t changed him, he adds. He may be in demand for interviews and get recognised wherever he goes but he’s still the same old Musa.

Musa was “11 or 12” years old when he realised he could sing, he says. “I was asked to sing at school year-end functions and haven’t looked back since.”

Growing up, Musa’s parents didn’t realise their son had a special talent. “He was an athlete and we didn’t know about his love of music until he was 16 and his principal called us to invite us to listen to him sing at school for the first time,” Joseph says. “We were blown away.”

Once Musa had sown his wild oats in Joburg and gotten his matric, his dad supported his desire to be a singer. He knew his boy, the youngest of his three sons, would win Idols, Joseph says. “I’d tell his mother not to worry – Musa is going to bring home the trophy.”

But she did worry, admits Kheselina, a former teacher. The competition was tough and she’d pray hard for him.

“Musa has faith,” she says. “As his parents we’ve learnt a lot from him – that when you have faith, nothing is impossible.”

Musa’s face lights up when he speaks about his son Mpilo. “It was the greatest moment of my life when Mpilo was born,” he says. “He has helped me to grow as a person. His energy reminds me of mine when I was a kid. I have many hopes and dreams for him – I want him to find his passion, to be in love with life and not be afraid to dream. I just want him to have a joyful life.”

Musa and Mpilo’s mom split up three years ago and he’s single “and not looking”, he stresses. He’s too busy with his career.

“My plan is to grow as a brand. I have just finished recording my soul album entitled The Dream, which was released in April. The life I’m living now has always been my dream. Every day I would see myself on a CD sleeve and performing in front of thousands of people. And now I am.”

By Ntombizodwa Makhoba

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