At home with Vinny da Vinci

By Drum Digital
28 April 2011

THE double garage doors open slowly to reveal a small, lean figure wearing a big smile and a plain red tracksuit. He's leaning against his sleek white Lexus sedan and extends a hand in greeting. He looks just like you'd imagine a music mogul would look. And that's exactly what he is.

Here at DJ Vinny da Vinci's luxurious home in Parkmore, Sandton, it's very clear that he's done well from his career in the music industry. Really well. In fact, with over two decades in the business he's still at the forefront of a movement that has turned South Africa into one of the global centres of house music.Despite his intimidating status in the music industry, Vinny (44) gives us a warm welcome to his plush mansion and makes us feel at home – as does the aroma of dinner being prepared by his beautiful wife of six years, Piwe (34), who is busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

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