Atandwa tattoos Fikile's name on his back

By Qhama Dayile
03 November 2016

It seems self titled Prince of theatre Atandwa Kani and actor wife Fikile Mthwalo love living on the edge and to think the wedding ring was to seal the deal and confirm their love

The self-crowned Prince of theater Atandwa Kani's love for his wife, Fikile Mthwalo doesn't seem to know no limits

Atandwa recently shared a picture of the new tattoo he just got. The actor has his wife's name etched on his back in permanent ink.

He shared on his Instagram his topless back with the words 'Kani Fikile.'

The couple married on December 2015. Atandwa found comfort in Fikile's arms after separating from his wife Thembisa Mdoda after cheating allegations.

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