Attacks on women a disgrace: Zuma

By Drum Digital
01 April 2013

President Jacob Zuma has described attacks on women as a disgrace, saying that in the old days punishment for rape was harsher, Beeld reported on Monday.

He said it was not strange nowadays to hear of men who forced themselves on women, according to the report.

These were men "without any shame," Zuma was quoted as saying.

During the days of Zulu King Shaka, a spear would be used to deal with men like that, he said.

"But because we are now civilised, we say that a person is a suspect, even though we saw the man do it. Ninety-year-old women are being raped..."

He was speaking at a cultural event in Cato Ridge on Saturday, paying tribute to ANC veteran Meva Ngubane who died a year ago.

Ngubane, who died in February last year, was seen as someone who tried to keep cultural activities and the African identity alive in the kwaXimba area.

In his speech which was delivered in Zulu, Zuma said many communities in Africa had changed their culture and identity and had lost their way.

As an example, he referred to bad manners and a lack of respect among the youth.

"Even in a bus a young person will no longer stand up so an older person can sit. They say they have equal rights," Zuma said.

"Our constitutional rights should not be used as an excuse for a lack of respect for older people in the community. The two should go hand-in-hand."

-by Sapa

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