Audio: The bear with the sore head

By Drum Digital
04 April 2014

Our audio readings of children’s stories sent in by readers are fast becoming a SuperMom favourite. Here is the story of The bear with the sore head written by Gia Bass.

Our audio readings of children’s stories sent in by readers are fast becoming a SuperMom favourite. Listen to the story of The bear with the sore head written by Gia Bass or read it to your child yourself.

The bear with the sore head

By Gia Bass

Once upon a time in the forest of Fey there lived a grizzly bear named Graydon. He was enormous, when he stood up he was nearly as tall as some of the trees in the forest. For a bear he was quite a nice guy, he had a loud booming voice and a good sense of humour, he made all the other animals laugh and he had lots of friends.

His best friend was a squirrel named Dot, she was a sprightly little creature who sat on Graydon’s shoulder when he walked around the forest, and when he slept she curled up next to him.

He was a bear that loved to sleep – he would sleep all day and all night if he could. However there was one small problem – for some reason Graydon couldn’t sleep. He tossed and turned all night long and when he got up every morning he was always in a very bad mood – from five o clock before the sun came up he was already up, roaring loudly because he had a sore head.

He gave Dot a fright every morning when he jumped up bellowing and shouting about his headache and she leapt into the nearest bushes and hid, cowering under the leaves until Graydon stopped shouting.

All the other animals in the forest of Fey woke up every morning to this loud noise and it was starting to drive them mad. Five am is very early – especially for some of the nocturnal animals like the bats and owls that have been up all night and are just starting to go to sleep.

It couldn’t carry on. All the animals were sick and tired of Graydon’s moaning and groaning. A lion named Rupert called a meeting with all the other animal leaders. Remmie the Rhino, Tarentino the tortoise, Jasmin the Jackal and Grace the Giraffe all met with him to decide what to do. As always they worked as a team and made decisions together. They decided that they would start off by sending Willy the warthog to talk to Graydon and see if he could find out why he was waking up with a sore head – the animals figured if they knew what was giving him a headache they could fix it.

Willy was very excited about being given this important task. Eager to help the team, he went to talk to Graydon – and he didn’t have to look too hard to see what the problem was. The first thing he noticed was that the bear’s pillow was a big hard grey rock, AHA! he thought, he is getting a headache because his pillow is too hard.

Without wasting any time he ran back to the leaders and reported what he’d observed.

After much discussion the leaders decided they would approach Ophelia the ostrich to ask her for some of her feathers and they would make a soft cushion for Graydon’s head.

Ophelia was happy to oblige.

At five pm all the animals in the forest marched down to the river where Graydon was hunting for fish and gave him the cushion they had made. He was very grateful and promised he would try it out that night.

When Graydon went to settle down for the night, he chose a new spot on some soft green grass, put his cushion down and got comfortable. He closed his eyes and prayed to wake up with no headache and no shouting. He really did feel bad for disturbing all the other animals in the forest of fey every morning as they were his friends and he loved them all. And with that thought he fell into a deep sleep and his snores filled the air.

The next morning, all the animals were so used to being woken at five am that they awoke automatically and waited for Graydon to start up with his usual morning antics. But nothing happened.

Six am came, seven am, eight am and nine am and still the big grizzly bear wasn’t up. At 10 am the animals started getting worried and decided to check on him. As they approached cautiously they saw the bear starting to stretch and yawn, slowly waking up.

As Graydon opened his eyes they waited for him to start shouting and complaining about his sore head but instead he sat up, rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and broke out into giggles. Hoorah, hoorah! he said that was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years and I don’t have a headache!

From that day on the bear slept on his soft pillow and woke up late every morning in a very good mood. Dot and all the other animals were finally able to get a peaceful night’s sleep – and the only sound that they heard was Graydon’s contented snores.

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