Ayanda Ncwane's loving post to married couples

By Drum Digital
06 December 2016

Just a few hours before his passing, his loving wife took to social media to share a heart warming and loving post dedicated to married couples

It was confirmed by the Ncwane family spokesperson that Sfiso Ncwane had died from kidney failure on Monday


"Your adversary, the devil, walks around like a roaring lion, seeking for whom he may devour" 1 Peter 5:8.... How I wish couple could spend enough time praying and covering their marriages & families with blood of Jesus, clothing their marriages with the full amour of God. Be careful young couples, the number one mission in the kingdom of darkness in destroying marriages & happy homes. Rebuke the slightest thought of lust, RUN away as far as possible from tempting situations."

"No amount of money , power, education, beauty can save you. YOU NEED THE BLOOD OF CHRIST. When your partner is spiritually weak , stand in the gab and fight for your families zithandwa. The calls I'm getting lately about broken marriages breaks my heart and annoys me. That is why I'm sharing this."

"Taking pictures together and acting happy is not enough. WOMEN!!! Take authority and power given to you to fight in prayer, fast, rebuke the spirits, stop sleeping, and allow the devil to enter into your territories( marriages)."

Image: Ayanda Ncwane Inastagram Image: Ayanda Ncwane Inastagram

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