Ayanda's Wedding

By Drum Digital
25 February 2014

Who's advice is Ayanda going to put to action?

“Don’t get me wrong. I love Fikile very much,” Ayanda said. “But I’m afraid that, because I’ve been in a relationship ever since the age of 15 I’ve missed out on what it’s like being single. Now that I’ve found myself, I want to be independent.”

“What are you saying?” Sanele asked with disbelief on her face.

“I want to experience the pleasure of being single and happy,” Ayanda said with conviction. “Is that too much to ask?”

“What about Fikile?” Sanele asked, shocked. “Are you going to ditch him, just like that?”

“I don’t know what to do,” Ayanda said. “I don’t want to hurt him.”

“How do you think Fikile will feel if you dumped him now?” Sanele asked. “He’s spent two years of his life helping you get your self-esteem back.

He’s helped you to heal and become the best person you can be. Now that you’re strong, you want to dispose of him? Aren’t you being selfish?”

“Don’t be hard on Ayanda,” Zola said. “Just because someone has been kind to you it doesn’t mean that you have to marry him. Maybe Ayanda is bored with him.”

“No, I’m not bored with Fikile,” Ayanda said. “It’s just a confusing time for me right now. I’m not sure I want to commit as yet.”

“Are you sure being single will make you happy?” Sanele asked her friend. “As far as I see it, happiness doesn’t depend on whether you are single or married. It comes from within.”

“Ah Sanele, please give Ayanda a break,” Zola said.

“Stop being all philosophical. If she wants out of the relationship, let her be. Marriage is too big a commitment to make when you have doubts.”

“But is there anything wrong with your relationship?” Sanele asked.

“Not really,” Ayanda said. “Everything is fine. I’m just wishing for a piece of what I’ve never experienced – being single.”

“I agree. Singleness has its advantages,” Sanele went on.

“For example, you don’t have to answer to anyone. But I must warn you, it’s not all that glamorous, otherwise many people would not be wishing they were married.”

“I say that if she wants out she should follow her heart,” Zola contradicted. “I’m all for women who want to be independent. You don’t need a man in your life to be happy.”

“In a way, you’re right,” Sanele agreed. “But singleness is not the only way to find independence and happiness. You can also do that in a relationship.”

“Maybe now that she’s stronger, she just wants to spread her wings,” Zola said.

“You should tell Fikile as soon as possible that you need a break from the relationship.”

Ayanda listened carefully as her friends argued. These two rarely agreed on anything.

She’d been surprised by it at first but she’d later come to appreciate their differing views as her friends always showed her opposing sides of an argument.

But as much as her friends had her best interests at heart, Ayanda knew that she’d have to make her own decision about her love life and Fikile.

“I have to go now,” Ayanda told Sanele and Zola. “Thanks for your concern and ideas. I have to meet Fikile in an hour’s time to look at the wedding venue.”

“I hope you make the right decision,” Sanele said.

“Follow your heart, girl,” Zola said.

“Thanks for your advice,” said Ayanda as she left.

-by WN Tembo

To be continued...

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