Ayanda's Wedding

By Drum Digital
26 February 2014

Here's how the love birds met.

AS she drove away, Ayanda thought of Fikile. She’d met him at work when she’d started a new job three years ago.

Her supervisor, Lindiwe, hadn’t taken to Ayanda at all because Ayanda was more qualified than her.

As a result, Lindiwe always tried to sabotage everything Ayanda did.

She tried to make Ayanda look bad in front of their superiors by using all the dirty tactics in the book.

Because of her bullying Ayanda had reached breaking point and Fikile, who worked in the same department, thenstepped in and came to her rescue.

“You must tell management about the bullying,” Fikile had said. “You can’t allow Lindiwe to walk all over you like that. You have to protect yourself.”

Ayanda had been scared to report her.

What would people say if the new girl in the office started to make trouble?

“It’s your career,” Fikile had encouraged her. “If you don’t do anything about this situation Lindiwe is going to destroy your dreams.”

“What can I do to change the situation?”

Ayanda had asked him. “Lindiwe is powerful and well-connected.”

“I’ll stand by you,” Fikile promised. “I’m prepared to give evidence before management that Lindiwe has been bullying you mercilessly.”

Ayanda had nervously agreed and Fikile had kept his promise. As soon as their other colleagues heard about Fikile and Ayanda’s bravery, they’d come forward with more complaints against Lindiwe.

She was dismissed and the office became a pleasant and productive working environment.

That had been more than two years ago, before Fikile left to start his own marketing and PR company.

-by WN Tembo

To be continued...

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