Ayanda's Wedding

By Drum Digital
27 February 2014

Could this be the beginning of the end for these two?

Later, a romance had sparked between them. Patiently and lovingly Fikile had taught Ayanda to build her self-confidence.

Fikile had also helped Ayanda to make peace with her estranged parents. She had grown apart from them because of misunderstandings.

Ayanda had also followed her passion of playing the guitar.

Most of all, Fikile had taught her that it was possible to love unconditionally. He never criticised her or tried to change her. He loved her the way she was.

“But then why do I want out of the relationship?” Ayanda reflected as she got out of the car after she’d reached the proposed wedding venue. Fikile was waiting for her. He was tall and well-built. All her friends thought he was handsome.

“I’m glad you came, sweetheart,” he said, giving her a warm embrace. “This will be a lovely place to take our wows.”

“It’s lovely,” Ayanda told him as she tookin the scenic rose garden in front of the lodge. Everything looked peaceful. “A place where any girl would love to get married.”

Any girl but me, Ayanda thought to herself, as they went on a tour of the facilities.

Afterwards, unable to stand it any longer, she blurted out, “This is a great place for a wedding Fikile, but the truth is I’m not ready for this. I love you but right now I feel like a bird in a cage. I want to know how it feels to be free.”

Fikile looked at her with shock on his face. “I can’t believe this! What are you trying to tell me? Don’t you want to get married? Are you breaking up with me?”

“Not really,” said Ayanda. “I made the mistake of starting relationships when I was too young. Ever since the age of 15 I’ve always been in a relationship and I don’t know how it feels to be single.” Fikile was still staring at her in disbelief.

“So what was our relationship all about then? I hope I wasn’t just like a therapist who came into your life when you were feeling vulnerable and now that you’re stronger you’re fleeing the nest to seek greener pastures.

How am I supposed to live without you, Ayanda?”

-by WN Tembo

To be continued...

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