Back on home ground

By Drum Digital
20 November 2015

After decades in exile, actor David Sebe is happy to be home and having a great time playing Gizara on Muvhango

We leave the noisy crowd at Maponya Mall in Soweto for a quieter bar in Braamfontein. But it's not much better here.

As soon as we pull up outside Ko'Spotong (restaurant/bar) we're mobbed by a bunch of actor David Sebe's female fans. Angling in for selfies, the girls shriek "Gizara, Gizara!"as they snap away with their smartphones.

The 57-year-old actor who plays the girls' beloved Gizara on Muvhango, is gracious on the subject of his fans. So is his wife, Anna (41), who is riding along with us.

"The fans are special," he says. "You need to make time for them."

We figure he's just being polite, because these fans seem like a tough, demanding crowd to us.

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