Bacon or Tuna Tomato Pasta

By Drum Digital
03 September 2014

This easy dinner can be adjusted to suit those picky eaters in your family


You'll need:

Bacon or tuna


Tomato paste

Spinach pasta (or any other pasta you would like to use)

Parmesan cheese

Pan-fry the bacon and mushrooms. If you're using tuna, pan-fry the mushrooms on their own. Add the pasta to boiling water along with a tsp. of oil to ensure it doesn't stick together. Drain when done. Add the bacon, or tuna (straight from the can) as well as the mushrooms to the pasta. Add the tomato paste to the sauce and stir until mixed. Serve in a pasta bowl with grated Parmesan on top for extra flavour. Dinner is served.

This recipe was supplied to Checkers by Jaun Laubscher and Your Little Blog.

Photo: Vörsprung Studio

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