Bad reasons for cutting your hair

By Drum Digital
12 March 2014

Your favorite celebrity is rocking a trendy new cut.

You can't enough of Rihanna’s new haircut, but that doesn't mean you should print her picture from Instagram and rush to your hairstylist. Celebrities usually have stylists who maintain their hair every day, so before you get that “Rihanna look” find out if you’ll be able to maintain it.

You like  a haircut on someone who has a different hair type and face shape than yours 

Short hair on Zonke Dikana looks hot. But before you go and get the same cut, think about how the cut is going to look on you. If you you’re insecure about the shape of your head or if you want your face to look slimmer, then Zonke’s haircut is not going to work for you. With short hair its very important to consider the shape of your face, as you facial features will stand out more.

You had a bad experience with your hair.

After an awful hair experience, its only natural to want to scream. ‘Cut it all off!’ A bad hair day is not a good idea to cut your hair. If your scalp feels traumatized by your previous hairstyle, then give it a break. Maybe wear a wig for the next few days- but don't make the decision to cut your hair after a bad hair experience- You will most probably regret it.

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