Basetsana Kumalo's case of mistaken Ne-Yo identity

By Drum Digital
21 July 2015

Basetsana Kumalo took a picture with Ne-Yo and didn't even know who he was

The MTV Africa Music Awards are done and dusted but there are some residuals of the weekend's occurrences making the rounds on social media.

The latest to give us an anecdote is Basetsana Kumalo who had a humorous run-in with Ne-Yo, who was the main act of the night.

But Bassie still didn't know who he was and thought her escort could not pronounce "Neo" - the Setswana / Sesotho name for gift.

She tells it better than we do. Read her Facebook post below: basetsananeyo So here's me being escorted to my car by one of the event organizers through the artists private door at the after party. So I see a crowd and ask the young man escorting me, "who is that?", he answers "its Ne-Yo", I say, "you mean Neo", thinking to myself, our children can't even pronounce SeSotho names these days! So I proceed to tell "Neo","son you are clearly good at what you do, with so many people trying to catch a glimpse of you" he politely laughs and I say, "maybe we should take a pic",as we take a pic, his supporters shout my name, and he says "I clearly should be asking to take a pic with you", so he takes out his camera, and we take another pic. Then into my car and off I go my merry way.

I've just learnt this is thee world famous Ne-Yo! American R&B singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer and actor!!!Miss Independent is one of my favorite hits of his!!Well I blame it on being 41. I can't keep up........

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