Bassie Kumalo fails to gag DRUM

By Drum Digital
20 May 2016

Businesswoman and celebrity Basetsana Kumalo failed last night to stop DRUM from publishing and distributing its latest edition which features a story about her alleged botched liposuction.

Bassie, 42, who told DRUM last year that she had slimmed down because she exercises with her husband, approached the South Gauteng high court this morning at around 1 am in a bid to bring an urgent interdict against DRUM to stop its latest issue from being distributed countrywide. She told the court the story about her hospitalization also includes the picture of her 11-year-old child.

However, DRUM proved that the picture was already in the public domain. DRUM shared the image featuring the child on its digital platforms four days after it had appeared on social media. The pictures were taken from the Instagram account of one of Basetsana’s close friends - well-known footballer, Lucas Radebe. Radebe then removed the photograph but it was too late. DRUM's Editor Thandi Mthethwa voluntarily agreed to remove the image from DRUM’s digital platforms in the interest of the safety of the child and did so this morning.

Basetsana’s case was subsequently dismissed by the court, and each party was ordered to pay its own legal costs.

“We went to court to defend the interdict as we felt we needed to publish the story as it was in the public interest as Bassie is a role model to a lot of young black women who look up to her in matters of beauty and health. However, we volunteered to remove the pictures of her child even though they were already in the public domain as we support the safety of children in South Africa. So, DRUM was not forced by the court to do so,” Thandi Mthethwa says.

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