Be a better boss to yourself

By Drum Digital
31 October 2013

Starting a business gives you the opportunity of running your own show. But many assume it means the end of the 9-to-. Yet, this is not always so. However you can be a better boss to yourself.

Invest in what will help you

Don’t hold the purse strings too tightly when it comes to those expenses that could help you be more productive and satisfied on a daily basis.

Learn more

Great entrepreneurs are always learning. Don’t hesitate to invest in conferences, training sessions, classes, even networking events. You’ll be able to learn new skills, gain insight needed to expand your business, and make valuable contacts.

Find a great benefits package for you

When you’re self-employed, you get freedom and flexibility, but you lose the company-provided benefits package and other perks of a full-time employee. This means you’ll need to invest in your own medical aid and retirement.

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