Be more romantic (1/2)

By Drum Digital
02 June 2015

The little things in life actually make life so much lighter and enjoyable.

Here are some of the things you can whisper into your partner's ear, to show your appreciation and of course love.

My life is better because of you.

You married her/him because she/he brought something special into your life. A few more smiles, no more lonely nights, a fulfillment that only comes from her/him, a closeness that only she/he can bring. You married her/him because you saw your life better with her/him. Let her/him know that. Don’t ride on what you said last week. Tell her/him softly today, “My life is better because of you.”

You’re more beautiful than the day we met. 

When beauty comes from the inside and floods through on the outside, it grows with time. This is the type of beauty that doesn’t fade with a wrinkle or a few stretch marks. Let her/him know how beautiful/handsome she/he is. Whisper it softly in her ear.


Author: Deborah L. Mills

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