Be the braai hero

By Drum Digital
21 September 2015

These tips will help you get the fire started

Besides the beers, braai spice and your besties, the most important thing at a braai is the fire. If you want to be a braai hero this Braai Day, 24 September, here are some easy tips for you to get things going.

What you need:

  • A braai (built-in or portable)
  • Enough dry wood (use local wood: rooikrans, pieces of vine wood, black wattle, sekelbos and mopani)
  • Bic firelighters
  • A Bic lighter

How to build a good braai fire:

Step 1: Pack two pieces of wood parallel to each other and leave a gap the width of a piece of wood in between. Put blocks of Bic firelighters in the gap. Bic comes individually wrapped, so you’ll have clean hands all the way. Now pack two more pieces of wood on top of the first two at a 90-degree angle. Continue until you have 12 pieces of wood or all your wood is finished.

TIP: Use all the split pieces first because they’ll catch fire easiest and use the rounder pieces with bark at the top.

Step 2: Light the Bic firelighters. If you packed the wood correctly, your fire should burn. If it doesn’t and the firelighters are burnt out, the wood was too wet. Slide more firelighters into the gap at the base and light them. Bic firelighters can burn for up to 17 minutes.

Step 3: Once the fire is burning, leave it be and only reach for the braai tongs once the tower collapses. Move pieces of wood back to the heap of burning coals and wait for all the wood to turn into coals. This usually takes around 40 minutes to an hour with normal dry braai wood.

Step 4: Spread the coals into an even layer using your braai tongs. Suspend the braai grid over this (a tripod or a brick under each corner of the grid should do the trick).

Step 5: Start braaiing and make sure you have a designated drink bringer to keep you hydrated during your time on braai duty.

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