Beaten and Blind

By Drum Digital
07 December 2015

Josina Machel, step-daughter of the late Nelson Mandela, has lost an eye after a violent domestic assault.

Repeatedly, she slips a neatly folded sterile dressing under sunglasses, dabbing at her eye without removing the stylish eyewear.

She doesn’t want to take them off – beneath their protective lenses is a damaged eye that’s lost all sight, because of a beating.

Josina Machel, daughter of Graca Machel and the late Mozambican president Samora Machel, seems to be okay – until she started talking about the day she was assaulted, allegedly by her partner of two years.

When she arrives at the Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg, Josina(39) greets the staff with a friendly smile and is poised as she walks with her driver by her side.

But when she settles in to talk about how she suffered, purportedly at the hands of a man she loved, the pain is evident in her voice. “I’m still going through emotions but crying isn’t something I’ve been able to do,” she admits

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