Beautiful Monday 1/3

By Drum Digital
28 October 2013

IT HAD been years since Peter died but his death still haunted Daisy. In her mind she relived their early days over and over again.

IT HAD been years since Peter died but his death still haunted Daisy. In her mind she relived their early days over and over again.

It started at school in Grade 10. Peter was a new student. Daisy was the brightest in the class so she was asked to show him around.

She wasn't used to competition.

For years she'd been top of the class ? until Peter arrived.

From then on they competed all the time, fighting for marks and position. And love began to grow from this scholastic

cat-and-mouse game. One term Daisy would be on top with Peter coming second. The next term he'd turn the tables on her.

School projects only brought them closer. They had to work together and agree on things.

There was no competing then. By Grade 11 the love bug had bitten and in Grade 12 they were so in love. There was no doubt about it. After completing matric they both went to university to study law and were passionate about their chosen field of study.

Peter was taken away from Daisy on a Friday. They spent the whole day hand in hand, talking about the upcoming exams. There was no hint something would go wrong. They'd had a small disagreement. Peter wanted her to spend the night in his room ? but she turned him down.

It was girls' night out and she definitely didn't want to miss this one. She'd missed all the other hen parties and her excuse was always Peter. ??So you're not coming with me?'' he asked.

??No, Peter. You know I've missed other get-togethers because of you. Please let me have some fun with my girlfriends.

I promise I'll let you know how it went tomorrow morning. Deal?''

??Whatever you say, baby!

Please take care of yourself. You know I love you, right? So go and have some fun!'' He knew he'd lost the battle but she had a way of soothing him. ??I love you too, Peter.'' And she planted a kiss on his lips. ??How much?'' he asked. He already knew the answer. She always responded in the same way when he asked her the question. He just loved hearing her say the words. He knew Daisy wasn't good with words and this was her best shot. She giggled. ??Beyond measure, my love.''

They kissed, with Peter holding her tightly. How could she have known it was the last time she'd feel his heart beating against hers? How could she have known? If she'd had any idea, she'd have dropped her plans! For years she lived in pain, wondering what would have happened if she had decided differently that day. That night Peter died peacefully in his sleep. He complained about a headache and went to bed. At 10 am his roommate found his lifeless body. The official cause of death was heart infection, which had set in a long time ago, and bleeding on the brain.

Daisy couldn't believe her ears or eyes. Not her Peter, not her man!

To be continued...

- Story by ML Matlala

- Illustrations: Caine Swanson

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