Beautiful Monday 2/3

By Drum Digital
29 October 2013

Over and over she prayed it was all just a bad dream; that she would wake up. Then reality dawned. Peter was gone. Her Peter was no more. He'd never hold her again

Over and over she prayed it was all just a bad dream; that she would wake up. Then reality dawned. Peter was gone. Her Peter was no more. He'd never hold her again. He'd never whisper sweet nothings in her ear, he was gone. Who was going to share her world, her dreams? She found herself asking God: ??Why him?''

After the funeral she buried herself in books and study. Her friends tried to slow her down but she wouldn't listen to those girls. In her heart she believed they'd taken Peter away. If only they hadn't pushed her so hard to join them that night, maybe she would have been able to save Peter by calling an ambulance. Years passed and she still carried the burden. Her career was at its peak but her love-life was non-existent. She couldn't believe it when John wanted her as a partner. John Sithole, the famous civil lawyer.

Everything was going well for her, but every night she was tormented by loneliness. She remained a mystery to John who'd tried to bring her out of her shell but failed. Every time he invited her to a corporate party or a dinner at his place, she made an excuse.

And John began to hear office gossip that the reason behind the excuse was that her life had ended when Peter died.

One day when she'd been a partner for three years, John heard Daisy crying in her office. He stepped in and found her hunched in her chair,

her hands covering her face. He offered her a tissue and asked her what was wrong. ??I'm fine, John! Please just leave me alone,'' she replied, her voice filled with anger. ??Fine. I'll leave you alone. But you know what, Daisy? I know what's going on. People do talk you know. You're a bitter woman. Peter's gone! Accept that and move on. Let the past go. Stop dragging it into the present!

??You have a bright future ahead of you, but if you don't sort yourself out now, one day you'll collapse. I've been watching how you push everyone away. But you know what? I'm not going to back down. ??It's time to stop torturing yourself!'' And John walked out of the door. Afterwards he was angry with himself. What possessed me, he wondered? As he walked down the passage he could still hear Daisy's sobs. He wanted to go back and comfort her, to let her know he'd always be there for her. But he decided against the idea.

She let John know she needed time off and for two weeks she didn't go to work. The firm wasn't the same without her, John realised. Though they had never spoken much much, he longed for her presence. And at home Daisy tried hard to dismiss John's words as meddling. But she kept thinking about what he'd said. He was right, she knew that. She'd been living in her world of darkness for too long. It was time to come back to reality.

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