Become a TV producer

By Drum Digital
21 June 2010

AS A CHILD she watched a lot of TV but Milly Takalani Mulaudzi never thought she’d end up turning her fascination with the box into a career in film and media production.

In fact, she still has a limited interest in the fast-paced media industry, but has found a niche in the production side of TV, specialising in programming.

Takalani is head of programming at Dzuguda Productions in Joburg. It’s a job that keeps her on her toes: the busy production company has produced documentaries such as Ba Kae? and My World on SABC1 and Our Moments on SABC2 and also does corporate media work for government and private sector clients.

Takalani heads various production teams and leads clients through the ins and outs of TV production. “I liaise with our clients and make sure they’re happy,” she says.

She finds her job varied and interesting and is still thrilled to come to work every day. “I love my job so every day seems to be more exciting than the previous one,” she says. “Every new project feels like I’m embarking on a new journey,” she says. “Even so, it can be daunting to start a new project. It’s like joining a new company – there are new challenges and objectives to be met.”

Leading production teams can also be complicated. “Although you want people to like you, you have to be firm and strict so that the job gets done properly,” she explains.

With dedicated, passionate Takalani at the helm, clients can rest assured their work is in good hands.

Takalani gives tips of how to become a TV producer in the DRUM of 17 June 2010.

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