Become an auctioneer

By Drum Digital
07 July 2010

IN HIS working life Tirhani Mabunda has worn many hats: civil service clerk, teacher, acting headmaster, taxi operator and fast-food outlet owner.

But, as the founder, CEO and principle auctioneer of Tirhani Group in Sandton, it’s as an international businessman and visionary that Tirhani (46) has come into his own.

Tirhani Group is a holdings company incorporating five companies with interests in asset disposal, auctioneering and valuations.

“I have different functions,” he says. “Firstly, as the CEO I perform a leadership and management role within the company. I also go out and conduct various sales pitches to banks and corporate companies to bring in work and then there’s the auctioneering,” he says.

Being an auctioneer doesn’t only involve standing behind a lectern shouting out numbers. “There is a lot of work behind the scenes,” says Tirhani, the group’s principle auctioneer.

“Before the actual auction there is a lot of preparing to do. I research the value and prices of assets, liaise with buyers and sellers, organise the paperwork needed to sell the items, such as vehicle registration papers,” he explains.

Tirhani has conducted hundreds of auctions: he’s sold thousands of vehicles, real estate, livestock, game and fundraising and charity items.

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