Become an investment specialist

By Drum Digital
22 July 2010

When he was growing up, Sizwe Ndebele’s father taught him a very valuable lesson.

“If you practise your maths every day,” he told his son, “you’ll be good at it.” Sizwe did just that, practising until he was top of his class and learning in the process that hard work leads to success.

This philosophy has stood him in good stead and today, at the age of 34, Sizwe is head of bank channels and emerging product at Stanlib, a unit trust company formed in a merger between Standard Bank and Liberty asset management companies in 2002.

Sizwe, from Kelvin in Joburg, is responsible for educating up-and-coming clients about investing and saving. “My main task is to take the Stanlib brand and appropriate products to emerging clients who earn less than R6 000 a month,” he says.

He heads a team of three people who make sure that Stanlib unit trusts are growing via Standard Bank channels and in the mass market.

“We do this by building and maintaining key relationships within the bank, training staff, keeping service levels high, and providing information to the clients we’re serving,” Sizwe explains.

On a day-to-day basis, Sizwe is in charge of making sure all the processes and services provided to Standard Bank operate efficiently.

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