Behind the Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp Story

By Drum Digital
15 October 2014

Behind the door, the latest book by Barry Bateman and Mandy Weiner is a compelling analysis of the events that took place during the trial of Olympian, Oscar Pistorius.

The two Eye Witness News reporters were at the forefront of reporting on an international scale on the proceedings of the trial, using social media.

They reached thousands of people across the globe.

In the chapter, the secrets of the missing apple, the book explains in detail the scandal around Oscar’s iPhone in which cellphone analyst, Francois Moller failed to retrieve deleted information. The phone went missing in police custody after it was given to Carl Pistorius when Moller was trying to decipher its password.

The phone had the other half of conversations between Reeva and Oscar. For Moller, the phone would have given him information not only on their interactions, but also Oscar’s movements and actions on the day of Reeva’s death.

After, Moller received authorisation to go to Apple’s head office in California to try and retrieve the password and access what they believed was information deleted from the phone while it was in Carl’s possession.

However, their efforts in California were futile, where it was discovered that the phone password was synced to an iMac computer which only Carl had access to and again, he changed and encrypted the password. Oscar said he did not remember what the password was.

Some believe Carl should have gone to jail for defeating the ends of justice and how this matter was resolved in court is accounted for in the book in great detail.

Behind The Door also has anecdotes about Oscar’s private life and his relationship with his girlfriends, friends and their families, it also gives exclusive insight into the workings of Oscar’s mind and personality.

There is a chapter that reveals an interview Oscar had with a British journalist, where Oscar spoke candidly about an incident in which he was driving through a township and shot a dog after he had driven over it accidentally. This is one of many incidences mentioned that give chilling insight into the troubled soul and at times dark personality of the star athlete.

Behind the Door gives those who consider themselves Oscar “experts”, in their judgement and criticism of the man, an unbiased and unfavoured and determine if indeed he is deserving of his sentencing of Culpable Homicide.

They too can look at the bare facts – unbiased and unflavoured and determine if indeed he is deserving of his sentencing of culpable homicide.

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