Being naked = better body satisfaction

By Drum Digital
30 January 2017

Are you a fan of naked Thursday? Well, maybe you should be


New research suggests that being sans clothes and taking part in a nudist activity can make us feel more satisfied with our bodies.

Being naked and surrounded by other nude people may seem like your worst nightmare, but in an age where we all have the occasional (or frequent!) self-doubt about our own bodies, the findings of a study conducted by researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London may make you rethink your nudist stance.

Led by Dr. Keon West, the team questioned 850 British adults via an online survey. It was found that those who spent time naked felt good about their bodies, and the ones who considered themselves naturists were the happiest. In fact, the longer they’d been a nudist, the happier they were.

“Body image dissatisfaction is a serious, global problem that negatively affects life satisfaction,” the authors wrote.

“Several claims have been made about the possible psychological benefits of naturist activities, but very little empirical research has investigated these benefits or any plausible explanations for them.”

Published in the Journal of Happiness Studies, the team also questioned people at two naturist events. They asked participants their feelings before they took their clothes off and at the end of the event. In both cases people had improvements in body image, self-esteem and life satisfaction.

“The naturists have been saying this for some time. However, despite a lot of positive claims, little to no empirical research has investigated whether naturist activity (rather than attitude or beliefs) actually makes us happier or, just as importantly, why it makes us happier,” Dr. West noted.

He’s now hoping more research will be done to further explore the initial findings.

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