Benjamin Dube tries to be the best dad

By Drum Digital
07 June 2012

There’s still the inviting aroma of Sunday lunch they enjoyed after church in the air as the family cosy up under blankets to ward off the winter chill. This is a tradition in the home of Pastor Benjamin Dube and the warmth and love is self-evident in their lived-in home.

“You’ve come on our family day when the house is full of kids and relatives,” says the 50-year-old pastor.

And indeed his mother, sister, niece and his four children are all there – creating a happy buzz of conversation as Benjamin watches a game of soccer.

One of his CDs plays in the background and it’s easy to understand why his music has touched and changed so many lives while winning him numerous awards.

His children welcome us enthusiastically and you can instantly tell they are a happy bunch who have been raised by a father who has instilled in them good, sound moral values and an air of contentedness.

“I teach my boys the value and importance of education,” says Benjamin as he looks at his boys with a smile. This is clearly a man who lives for his children, but as a single father he admits it isn’t always easy. “It can be challenging at times,” he says.

“But what makes it easier is that they are all boys and I can share my own experiences with them.” Foremost of the important values he instills in his children, he tells us, is for them to have a relationship with God.

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