Best of Bryant

By Drum Digital
08 December 2015

Recently, basketball icon Kobe Bryant’s announced his plans to retire at the end of the 2015/6 season.

By Koketso Mashika

The 37-year-old Los Angeles Lakers player is amongst the greatest sportsmen to ever run the court.

Here are 10 things you might not know about the 1,98-metre athlete:

1. He was named after a Japanese steakhouse.

2. At 19 years old, he became the youngest player in the history of the NBA to become an All-Star in the 1998 event, and has participated every year since then.

3. He is the first player to ever reach 30 000 points and 6 000 assists.

4. He is currently earning about R350 million a year.

5. He has been in the NBA for almost half his life.

6. The first thing he said to basketball legend Michael Jordan was: “You know I can kick your ass one on one.”

7. He initially had plans to be a rapper.

8. He married Vanessa Laine 14 years ago. They have two daughters.

9. His prom date was singer Brandy.

10. He spent his early years in Italy and speaks Italian fluently.

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