Beware of heatwave hoax

By Drum Digital
05 January 2016

The South African Weather Service has confirmed that warnings of a record breaking heatwave, allegedly set to take place on Thursday 7 January and Friday 8 January, are false.

News of the alleged heatwave has been circulating on social media such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

Mbavhi Maliage, a forecaster at the South African Weather Service, says that while South Africa is currently experiencing a heatwave, it is expected to end on Thursday afternoon.

“On Thursday we are expecting the temperature to rise to about 40 degrees, but this is a just a forecast, which means this can change,” she says.

On Friday temperatures are expected to drop to 34 degrees and on Saturday to 32 degrees.

“We are also expecting isolated thunder showers at 30% on Thursday,” she says, “We are also expecting thunder showers on Saturday and Sunday at 60%.”

Malige says the South African Weather Service is aware of the message on circulating on social media. However, they do not know the origins of the message.

During the current heatwave, the SA Weather Service has given South Africans the following tips:

1. Stay indoors in a well-ventilated, air-conditioned room.

2. If you are outside, wear protective gear and take regular breaks.

3. Avoid playing excessive sports or doing hard labour outside.

4. Dress in light clothing.

5. Drink plenty of liquids, but avoid not alcohol.

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