Beware the anarchists – Zuma warns

By Drum Digital
02 May 2016

Political opportunists who promote anarchy and thuggery must be shunned, President Jacob Zuma said at a Workers' Day rally in Mamelodi on Sunday.

"Some desperate elements seem hell-bent to promote anarchy and chaos,” the president, dressed in a dark shirt, jacket and tinted glasses, told thousands of enthusiastic supporters.

"The people must isolate political parties that advocate the use of violence in a free and democratic South Africa,” he said.

Zuma told supporters that should not "listen to people who dream whilst awake in this country”, to which the crowd shouted “Juju”.

Juju is the nickname of EFF leader Julius Malema. He recently told Al Jazeera the party would “literally” remove the government at gunpoint if it continued disrespecting its members.

Zuma said on Sunday that the country had worked hard to achieve peace after apartheid.“We must not allow opportunists to take us back to the period of anarchy and destruction. We must also isolate and shun parties that promote disunity and divisions within our country, that promote thuggery and chaos.”

Without the ANC, the country would be in big trouble and in the hands of anarchists and “chaotic people”, he warned.

Zuma berated what he called opportunists who had switched loyalties.“You need to appreciate this because some of the voices that are very loud today are people that were with you, who have begun to give a different interpretation to our revolution.”

He did not mention names, but Malema was once an ANC Youth League leader and a staunch Zuma supporter.

Several prominent ANC stalwarts and party members have called for Zuma to resign following a Constitutional Court ruling that he failed to uphold the Constitution when he failed to comply with Public Protector Thuli Madonsela's remedial action regarding the non-security upgrades to his Nkandla homestead. Zuma said people should report and isolate those who promoted violence and destroyed infrastructure during protests

The president, who got up and danced during an earlier musical interlude, warned that discussions about the country’s future were not to be treated lightly and should not be reduced to soundbites on TV or radio.As part of its upcoming election campaign, the ANC would “deal with people who talk too much", Zuma warned. Those attempting to lead a counter-revolution would be exposed.

The August 3 elections would see the ANC battle against the two largest opposition parties, the DA and the EFF, for control of the country’s municipalities.

Zuma said the alliance between the SACP and the Cosatu had to remain strong.

When he arrived at the venue, Zuma was given an enthusiastic welcome as people cheered and blew vuvuzelas. He was accompanied by SACP general secretary Blade Nzimande and Cosatu president Sdumo Dlamini.Source: News24

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