Bey's hair over the years

By Drum Digital
23 October 2014

Queen Bey recently made headlines for her high-fashion high fringe.

Queen Bey recently made headlines for not-so-great reasons, as the queen of pop was being called out on her high-fashion high fringe.

The look has been the subject of memes and diss-heavy tweets, with some tweeps asking if she'd given Blue Ivy free reign on her golden locks.

We've decided to take this flak off Beyonce by putting together some of our favourite looks on her over the years.


RETRO CHIC - Remember when she had her Foxy Cleopatra phase? We loved it!


EDGY BOB - While we're on the topic of old times, we loved her Me, Myself & I video for all the different hairstyles she rocked in that short 4 minutes.


She rocked this look again last year, only more edgier and a lighter shade of blonde. We LOVE this on Bey!


REGAL BRAIDS  - When supporting her girl and former band mate, Michelle, Beyonce rocked these elegant braids.


This updo has been a South African wedding favourite for years, even being called "The Beyonce" in some salon circles. We love its effortless chicery  and how it brings the queen's best features out, her cute ears too.


Fast-forward to 2014 and you're in the age of the top-knot, a look Beyonce has pulled off quite well. This look has a fashion-forwardness to it without compromising the class.


Another take on the gorgeous, timeless updo.

We really wish she had committed to this pixie cut, she looked sexy and sassy in this look.


Her other take on the bangs/fringe look...


...and the take that had bucket-loads of shade thrown at her.


Our favourite Beyonce hairstyles are minimal and look effortless in their style and elegance, such as this ponytail.


Or this one...


Or this one...


We also love her Drunk-In-Love-esque bob, that often keeps with her minimal approach to style and beauty.


See what we mean?

If there's one thing that can be taken from Beyonce's looks over the years, it's her adventurous spirit.

It's not too late to try out that new hairdo you've been too nervous to!

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