By Drum Digital
15 January 2016

By Ayanda Sitole

Dimakatso Ntsolo is a Durban-born plus-sized model who has launched her own plus-sized modelling agency. Launched last year, its the first agency of its kind South Africa.

Dimakatso says she came into modelling by accident when she overheard a journalist saying a designer is looking for a model, and she joking offered herself for the job.

“I didn’t realise she would take me seriously because I was a size 40, but she told me I would be perfect for the job, I had to model a ballgown,” she says.

Dimakatso is also a designer for plus size women and that the clothes she's wearing are designed by her.

Now, she’s recruiting plus-sized women for her own modelling agency, Thick Barbie Models, and says women can contact her via social media.

“I research for possible models by going through their Facebook accounts and meeting with them. However, I have to take into consideration that people use filters when uploading pictures on social media, which alters their images,” Dimakatso says.

Her criteria for potential models are: women between 18-35 years old and who are between a size 38 and 42.

“My models participate in fashions shows, photoshoots and commercial hosting events,” she says proudly.

Dimakatso shares with us what she thinks are some of the misconceptions that exist about plus-sized women and smaller women.

• Big girls are not beautiful.

• Big girls don’t take care of their health because they eat a lot and don’t go to the gym.

• Big girls don’t love themselves enough or make an effort improve the way that you look.

Misconceptions about smaller women:

• Men are attracted to thin women.

• Thinner girls are sexy.

• Thin girls dress better than others because they can fit into any clothing they want to.

Dimakatso encourages women to develop self-confidence and be conscious of what they wear. “All women can look beautiful as long as they dress for their figures, and wear things that suit them.”

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