Bishop Keith's marital bliss

By Molife Kumona
15 August 2016

Bishop Keith Harrington and his wife, Makgoshi, re-enacted their recent vow renewal ceremony for DRUM – a year after saying ‘I do’ at their lavish wedding

One of the most striking things about the groom is how calm and softspoken he is.

On the day of the DRUM photoshoot at La Montagne resort in Ballito, Durban, to celebrate their recent vow renewal ceremony, we get to see just how perfect a couple Bishop Keith Harrington and his wife, Makgoshi Tebogo Harrington, are.

Most people display signs of nerves during the hustle and bustle of a photoshoot, but not these two. They’re both very relaxed. “It will go well,” the Bishop reassures us. And indeed it does.

We were surprised to hear the couple had renewed their vows only a year after tying the knot (Fourth time lucky, 6 August 2015). But when we ask Bishop Keith why they’d did it

so soon, he has the perfect explanation. “My motivation to marry my wife again comes from a movie that I watched years ago, 50 First Dates,” Bishop Keith tells us. “In the

movie, you see the true meaning of love, as a woman who has amnesia forgets everything that has happened the previous day and her boyfriend asks her on a date every day for 50 days.”

Instead of throwing a lavish bash like their wedding last year, the couple’s vow renewal ceremony was a small, intimate affair with their pastor and a few close friends.

At our photoshoot, where they’re reanacting their ceremony, we’re fortunate to witness their declaration of love again. They choose to do it in Durban, at the seaside, because their love for each other is overflowing, they say.

As Apostle Sikhumbuzo Zikalala of Shouts of Glory Ministries gets ready to preside over the ceremony for the photoshoot, they look lovingly at each other. Suddenly, the Bishop bursts into song while holding Makgoshi’s hand: “I choose you again and again. You mean so much to me, my love. I choose you again and again.”

Clearly moved by this sweet gesture, an emotional Makgoshi nods her head as a sign of choosing him again, too.

The Bishop explains that some women are a little overfriendly towards him, so he’s also remarrying his wife to show the world that Makgoshi is “the one”. “I would choose my wife over and over again,” he gushes.

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