Black Coffee reflecting on growing up in the township - "No one aspires to be anything"

By Drum Digital
23 October 2016

During his first lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy in Montréal in Canada, House music DJ legend Black Coffee spoke on growing up in the township and spoke about how toxic it is

Speaking on the township he grew up in, Black Coffee said nobody in the township had any motivation to be more than what they were. "No one aspires to be anything," he said.

He went on to speak about how the township is an imprisoning system that's become something along the lines of an imprinted mentality. "Our biggest struggle till today is getting out of that system. It is the most imprisoning system to be in, because it's not just about walking out of it. People get comfortable to the point that they love it and so even when they make it in life, they will spend most of their days living in the township, going to hang out the same way the people before them did and eventually they end up back in the township because it is such a toxic place."

Reflecting on his dream as a child growing up in such an environment, he was different from the rest, he had a dream and he knew he the only way to achieve it was to get out of the township. "I used to sit there, the whole day and imagine this life of travelling overseas, probably here Montréal, not even knowing how to pronounce this place. I had all these visions and dreams, wanting a better life, wanting to do something greater with my life, wanting to get out of that system, wanting to be the best."

Watch Black Coffee below.

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