Black women earnings are the worst

By Drum Digital
05 July 2013

Black women have the highest unemployment rate of 32.5 percent, according to a report by Stats SA.

Black women earn almost as much but have a higher unemployment rate than their male counterparts, reports IOL.

In key areas like education, access to services and medical aid, employment and income, women are worse off than men.

One in three women lives below the poverty line, with an income of R305 or less, while 31 percent of men live below this line.

Black women are also the only group who have a higher unemployment rate than in 2001.

Women of all races aged between 15 and 64 have higher unemployment rates than men in the same age bracket, with black women having the worst unemployment rate of 32.5 percent.

Black men earn R25 an hour on average, while white men earn R92.

Black women earn just R2 less than black men on average an hour, compared with the R28 difference in the white population group.

Although women across all race groups had less education than men, the trend is starting to change.

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