‘Bobbi Kristina is awake’

By Drum Digital
20 April 2015

Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston’s only child together, Bobbi Kristina, is finally showing positive signs of recovery, almost three months after being found unresponsive in her bath tub.

Bobby (46) made a rare statement to concert-goers, “I can say today, my baby is awake.”

He continued, "I can say today Bobbi is awake. She's watching me.” The singer told his audience in a speech that he made at his concert on Saturday and posted on Instagram later that night.

Bobbi Kristina (22) has been hospitalised since the end of January after she was found comatose in a scene that mirrored that of her late superstar mother's tragic death in 2012.

The good news got a positive reception of whoops and cheers from the audience who were about to watch him perform at the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie, Dallas, while on stage at a Frankie Beverly concert.

Since Bobbi’s hospitalisation her family has made very few comments on the young star’s health.

Source: US Magazine.com

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