Body language expert says Beyonce and Jay Z faked it at awards

By Drum Digital
26 August 2014

A body language expert claims that the Carters’ adorable family display of affection as Beyonce accepted the Video Vanguard award after her performance on Sunday night was a thinly-veiled attempt at saving face for their doomed relationship, reports The New York Post.

Beyoncé seemed to shed tears, but were they tears of joy for her award or of sadness over the unraveling of her six-year marriage, asks the news site.

“I see a lot of hurt and pain here,” says Florida-based body language expert Susan Constantine. “They’re just trying to save face. They feel no emotions toward each other,” adds Constantine, who examined a video of the appearance as well as a still photo.

The body language expert, who also works as a jury consultant, says that pictures can sometimes be more telling than videos. Discovering how someone truly feels is about analysing their “microexpressions” — brief, sometimes involuntary movements of the face that betray emotions.

“Jay Z and Beyoncé are completely distant, and their minds are on something else,” she says. “Beyoncé feels really uncomfortable," she told the site.

Source: NewYorkPost

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