Boity joins Rhythm City

By Drum Digital
07 February 2017

Boity said that this role will give fans the opportunity to see her in a new light

She told the E.TV website that she's always played "sweet, innocent characters that people assume I am.”

She said that this time her character is going to allow her to show people that she also has "a bitchy side, just like everyone else.”

She added that the new space comes with its own challenges and that she may be a bit out of practise. “I’ve never worked with a lot of the actors on Rhythm City so this is going to be a whole new space for me. I also feel like I haven’t acted in a while so I have to work extra hard to be ultra-prepared.”

She also gave a bit of information on her new character Luscious Lu:

*She’s strikingly beautiful.

*Her biggest flaw is her faith in people – she’s way too trusting. *She’s an incredibly hard worker. She started as a graveyard shift host, but very quickly made her way up the ranks, taking over the afternoon drive. Rhythm City's social media account broke word about it and E.TV website confirmed the news that Boity will be joining the cast on Monday 10 April 2017.

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