Bonang and AKA get cosy at North94

By Drum Digital
18 April 2016

Bonang and AKA were chilling together and very lovey dovey, with no care in the world.

Its seems AKA and Bonang are getting tired of playing hide and seek with the fans and are slowly creeping out of the woods with their relationship and the fans are just lapping it all up and loving it.

The two were spotted this weekend on Saturday at Da L.E.S's North94 party in Muldersdrift were they were chilling together and very cosy. "It seems they don't care about who sees anymore," a source at the party said.

" Now everyone who saw them here can confirm that they are a couple," another source said.

Following their 'chill' at the North94 party, Bonang posted a picture of AKA in studio on her instagram and a few hours later AKA posted a picture of him kissing his 'bae'. Despite the picture not showing Bonang's face its easy to see its her.

Maybe that rumored magazine exclusive with the two of them is almost coming out and they are getting people ready.

Bonang has been linked to quite a few men in the industry, do you think she and AKA will last or its just another one of her soon to fail relationships? Have your say below;

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