Bonang on her man DJ Euphonik

By Drum Digital
08 September 2010

SO THE cat’s finally out of the bag. It’s been a year of denying she was in a relationship and insisting she and her mystery man were “just really good friends”, but we were bound to find out eventually. We just didn’t think the truth would come straight from the horse’s mouth...

But Bonang Matheba(23) let slip recently the true identity of the man she’s dubbed “Superman”. The gorgeous SABC1 Live presenter wanted to keep a low profile in the love department after her much publicised relationship with Skwatta Kamp’s Slikour ended in tears. Then the tabloids linked her to hunky MTV Base host Sizwe Dhlomo, although she refused to confirm or deny a romance.But for months now her Twitter updates have been filled with tweets of dinner dates with Superman, until her excitement got the better of her and she blurted out to the world that the man in her life is none other than DJ Euphonik.

Together with some of her girlfriends, the couple recently returned from London, where they went shopping, and Ibiza, where they jolled on the Spanish resort island famous for its outrageous foam parties.

The last time DRUM chatted to Bonang she didn’t mention Euphonik (real name Themba Nkosi) but today she’s willing to discuss her relationship – if only just a little. “He’s such a private person,” she says. “He rarely goes out and doesn’t attend events unless they’re work-related. He’s either at home or working and I want to respect his wishes and not say too much about us.”

But we do manage to get a good enough picture of what’s going on. The two have known each other since Bonang was in high school. They shared mutual friends and the friendship progressed into a relationship last year.

“We’re very different people. I like to party and I’m loud and he’s reserved. But I really don’t mind – the fact he’s so private means I’ll get to keep my private life private for once,” she says.

The last thing she and Themba (27) want is a media circus around their relationship. Themba in particular refuses to be drawn into any gossip or be turned into tabloid fodder.

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