Bonang reveals the real reason why she ended her relationship with Somizi

By Drum Digital
31 July 2017

Bonang finally breaks her silence

Ever since best friends media personality Bonang Matheba and entertainer Somizi Mhlongo's friendship broke up, Bonang has never said anything, until now. The only person between the two who has said anything about their friendship ending is Somizi who said he was surprised the friendship ended because him and Bonang never had an arguement, she just blocked him and 'iced' him out.

Bonang reveals that she felt she couldn't trust Somizi after he became friends with her ex DJ Euphonik, who Bonang alleges he assaulted her.

"It took me a while to eventually leave that relationship, and years after I had, Somizi, who was my friend, suddenly became friends with my ex. The same one whose violence towards me he had witnessed. That's when I knew he had to go. I couldn't trust him anymore so I cut him out of my life," Bonang reveals in her book From A to B.

Even though Bonang is not friends with Somizi she has said that he is good at his job and applauded him many times, like the recent praise she sent him and co-host Tumi Morake on their SAMA 23 hosting.

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