Bonnie Mbuli set for an international role

By Drum Digital
16 January 2015

Bonnie Mbuli quickly became a fan favourite as the feisty Dudu Bogatsu on Mzansi Magic’s Rockville.

The starlet’s absence in the third season of the much-loved TV series was met with widespread lament on social media.

“I have been overwhelmed with messages and conversations from Rockville fans who are disappointed and sad that I didn’t return, so I figured it’s time we had a chat. I had no idea how much you guys loved this character and I am humbled by your support and appreciation for my work. I too am disappointed that I couldn’t return,” the actress wrote her fans on Instagram.

She also hinted at her working on a bigger project and DRUM finally has the scoop on what it is.

Wallander is a British detective series based on Swedish novelist Henning Mankell's Kurt Wallandernovels. Its fourth instalment is set almost entirely in Cape Town, South Africa, where Bonnie was cast last month.

”Gonna need some serious big match temperament, playing with the big guns now! Wish me luck, I’m going in,” Bonnie said of her upcoming role.

We’re holding thumbs, Bonnie, can’t wait to see you on screen!

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