Bonnie's life an open book

By Drum Digital
10 May 2013

Writing a book has become quite the fashion in local celebville. First it was Khanyi Mbau with Bitch Please!

I’m Khanyi Mbau. She was followed by Kelly Khumalo with The Kelly Khumalo Story. Now actress Bonnie Henna, who’s rumoured to be separated from hubby Sisanda Henna, is releasing Eyebags & Dimples.

“When I was growing up people used to criticise my eye bags,” Bonnie explains. “Some people even asked me, ‘Are you tired or are you on drugs?’ Because of this I started to hate my eye bags. As for the dimples – I was born with them and never paid attention to them until I was older.”

Bonnie says her under-eye bags symbolise a part of her life that was not perfect, while her dimples were a gift – and over the years she’s learnt to celebrate both.

In her well-written autobiography she gets very personal, opening up about suffering from depression since the age of 11 and her mother who became suicidal when Bonnie was just five years old.

“The book is about the real me, uncovering myself. I was honest and wrote about what I’ve experienced in my life. It’s vital that we don’t ignore what happened in our past,” she says. “I want to leave a legacy for my children and the generation to come.” Many people are going to learn more about the other side of Bonnie – it’s a must-have book!

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