Bontle sets the record straight

By Drum Digital
31 July 2017

Bontle and Priddy were the envy of many couples for a while

So the past week and a half television personality Bontle Modiselle and her man Priddy ugly have been making waves for their engagement, then traditional wedding and then their white wedding. A lot of people congratulated them on social media and the story was on of the most viewed and shared on DRUM.

After the couple posted a picture of them in a restaurant with Priddy kneeling down their love trended and even when DRUM spoke to Bontle she confirmed they were engaged. Imagine everyone's surprise and annoyance when they realised the whole thing was staged for a music video.

"It was all for the music video. We had been posting all these teasers and, when people were talking about our engagement and weddings, I guess we just went with it," Bontle told TshisaLive.

The pair who have been dating since 2009 say they are still together and happy and there is no engagement either.

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