Book: John le Carré - Our kind of traitor

By Drum Digital
30 December 2010

The writer of murder and spy thrillers such as The Constant Gardener is back with a bullet train of a thriller that tells of a young couple, holidaying at a Caribbean resort, who stumble into a Russian “billionaire” with a tattoo on his thumb and a thing for tennis. It quickly turns out that the Russian, Dima, has more than tennis on his mind and his plans to betray his criminal brotherhood put the couple in grave danger.

Thinking help is at hand in the form of the British secret service, the young academic and his lawyer girlfriend discover that they are indeed the ones betrayed. Before they know it, they are pawns in a game of danger and deceit, where the stakes are high and the players powerful beyond measure.

DRUM says: Hits you between the eyes.

Our kind of traitor by John le Carré

Penguin, R250

Rating: 4/5

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