Book Review: 100 Edible & Healing Flowers

By Drum Digital
10 March 2014

Some of us have an idea of the healing properties of camomile, chives and sage. Many have enjoyed a cup of chamomile, berry or mint tea. But, did you know the flowers of the red clover can be used in a stir-fry?

Or have you ever thought about trying a dandelion and bacon salad or bake a buckwheat or almond blossom cake? Or if you want to give up sugar, you can grow your own Stevia plant and simply pour hot water over the dried leaves for a sweetener without chemicals.

The best is that you don’t need a big garden to get started.

The book is set out with very hands-on instructions on how and when to plant, grow and harvest the flowers. She gives a bit of background on the flowers and then provides recipes for food, drink, medicinal or cosmetic uses.

Margaret Roberts is a national treasure when it comes to gardening and health and this book offers a practical guide for everyone interested in wellness. Or you can simply pore over the stunning pictures taken by Phyllis Green during a bit of “down time” from time to time. It is a must-have for the kitchen and keen gardeners who enjoy a challenge.

Written by Margaret Roberts

(Struik Nature, R230)


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